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I'd love to visit your school (virtually)!


I have given many workshop-style presentations to schools and libraries in the Greater Toronto Area. Kids seem to love learning about how I wrote and Rich Murray illustrated My Best Friend Is a Secret Agent, which is similar in content and style to the popular Captain Underpants and Diary of a Wimpy Kid series (but 100% Canadian!). The book is very fun and entertaining, as is my presentation, perfect to get young children interested in reading.


This year poses some new problems, of course, but I've found that presentations on Zoom are almost as good as in-person! And I can do my virtual/live presentations all over Canada!

Both my virtual/live and in-person presentations involve an introduction to the book (first in a series) as well as to myself and the illustrator, sharing some fun visuals from the book (both stills and video) and from our creative influences. Then I do a funny Top Ten List followed by a reading which is accompanied by onscreen illustrations. After that, I explain how I wrote the book, and I give students a writing exercise so they can write their very own Secret Agent story. Finally, I play a video of Rich Murray showing the kids how he created the illustrations, and I give the students a colouring page to illustrate a scene from the stories they created. I also offer a selection of illustrations from the book which the students can colour.


Since my presentation is for grades 2-5, I made sure that the educational components are just as fun as the book itself. The kids always love coming up with their own stories and illustrations!

My virtual/live presentations are $100 per session (usually an hour), but there's always the option of connecting me to two or more classes at once. If that price is too high, I also offer a pre-recorded presentation for only $30, and that video can be played as often as you like. The virtual/live presentation is more fun, however, since it allows me to interact with the kids, giving them a chance to participate and contribute their own ideas to the presentation.

Please visit my home page to learn more about the book. You can also watch a short book trailer there and check out our Global News TV interview.

If you would like to schedule a virtual/live visit, or buy my pre-recorded author presentation, please email me at Thanks!

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