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Super Secret Blog #2489

Okay, take a look at the Freaky Fuzzies below. But don't look too long! No matter what you do, don't stare into their eyes! You'll get hooked! They'll take over your brain like they almost took over the whole town of Vortville! Who would have thought cute little toys could be so evil?

My dad told me that after CHIP and I saved the town from the Fuzzies, all of them were destroyed. But then I found out that they kept a few of them to study in a secret lab somewhere. Maybe they're testing them for something else... maybe to be used as weapons! They'll be robot soldiers, hypnotizing the enemy soldiers, getting them to drop their guns and surrender! That would be great, I guess, unless the other side got the Fuzzies too and was trying to do the same thing! It'd be Fuzzies against Fuzzies, all along the battlefront. (Now I'm giving myself nightmares...)

In the meantime, Chip and I will just keep a lookout for the next crazy bad guy attack. Will it be someone new... or do I smell Limburger? Is The Big Cheese at it again?!

Smell ya later...

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