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Super Secret Blog #2488

Hey, you found my super secret web site! With my super secret blog! Well, keep reading if you want to learn more super secret info! (Okay, I won't write 'super secret' anymore. It's making my fingers hurt anyway.)

So, as you know, my last blog (Super Secret Blog #2487... ohhh, now my fingers really hurt) was kind of long. So long that I had to write it as a whole book! Anyway, CHIP and I took on some serious bad guys, the main one being Seth Mindwarp. You know, the guy who made all the Freaky Fuzzies. So anyway, things have been pretty quiet since then in Vortville. Maybe a little TOO quiet. I just know there's another crazy bad guy out there who wants to make a mess of things. The questions is WHO?

And I just know the peace won't last at school too. Gert von Bruggen has been snooping more than usual lately. Now that she's met CHIP face to face (at Mindwarp Industries, remember?), she still suspects I have something to do with him, other than just being his friend. But she STILL hasn't figured out that CHIP is really Chip, my best friend at school, so that's a good thing. (It's always good when your rival is kind of on the slow side.)

Anyway, I'll catch up more with you on the next blog. I might even have a survey. Stay tuned!

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